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It is no longer possible to get the higher priority of the C group exclusively by using the “Search all” function, as this group now only consists of applicants who can use the “Absolute assurance for accommodation” issued by Odense Kommune (municipality). To see the rules for “Absolute assurance for accommodation” look here.

You can still choose to use the “Search all” function even though you do not fulfill the requirements for the “Absolute assurance for accommodation” you will however no longer get the higher priority of group C but will only be applying for all as group D member with no advantages over the applicants applying for specific accommodation. To read more about the groups’ prioritization please see here.

If you are using the ”Search all” function as group D applicant you should note that you can get a lot of offers at the same time and these may be for the same dormitory and/or the same room type.

The maximum rent which you can set when using the “Search all “ function is the pure rent. Which means it is the rent without any utilities and such.

The “Search all” function can be found under “My account” after you have logged on to your application and then at the bottom of the page can set a tick by “Search all” and then press “Save”.

Please note that it is not possible to add specific accommodation to your waiting list as long as you are using the “Search all” function.