Special needs

If you wish to apply for housing and be given a higher priority due to special needs, you will need to submit documentation stating your special needs. This documentation should in principle be issued by a doctor, but it can also be by a psychologist or a social worker.

We generally do not give a higher priority to many applicants and we therefore have strict criteria in order to be given a higher priority. Please note that we reject applicants regarding a higher priority from people with for example dust allergy.

What should there be stated in my medical report?
In your medical report for us it is important that it is stated specifically which types of accommodation you can apply for and which you cannot. It is also important that it is stated specifically why there are specific types of accommodation that you cannot apply for.

The more specific your medical report is, the bigger the probability is that you will be prioritizes to group B. As an example of what is sufficiently specific is if it’s stated in your medical report that you can at the maximum live 5 km from the university due to difficulties with transport. However, it is not sufficiently if it is stated in the medical report that you cannot live “far away” from the university.

It is furthermore important that the medical report is realistic and opens up for a certain amount of accommodations. Therefore, we does not as a starting point accept if you can only apply to a certain collegium or a small section of accommodations.

Which accommodations should I apply for in order to be given a higher priority?
In order for us to approve an application regarding a higher priority it is always a requirement that you as an applicant applies for all the accommodations that fulfill your medically documented requirements. This means that if it is stated in your medical report that you should not share a bathroom and kitchen, it is a requirement that you apply for all the accommodations with its own bathroom and kitchen.

We have full understanding for the fact that you might have personal preferences that go beyond your medical report, but if these preferences are not a part of your medical report, we can unfortunately not include them in your group B application.

Can I say no in group B?
No. With the first no to an offer, you will be downgraded from group B to group D, and you cannot regain the right to group B afterwards.

How do I apply for group B?
If you believe that you belong in group B, then you will have to send us an application to be prioritized to the group. In the application you should attached your medical report or other medical documentation and enclose your application number. You can send your application to: info@studiebolig-odense.dk