Prioritization of applicants

In Odense the accommodation organizations have in cooperation with Odense Municipality decided to prioritize applicants for accommodation in 4 categories. This prioritization is to favor students with the highest need for accommodation. Therefore, the applicants will be prioritized on the waiting list as described below:

A.    Internal applicants
  • Applicants who have lived in one of the accommodation from this website for more than 6 months can become an internal applicant. 
  • The accommodation must not have been terminated.
  • Read here for more information about how to become an internal applicant
B.    Applicants with special needs
  • Applicants with special documented needs, which require special accommodation – read more about this here before contacting us, as the requirements to be placed in this category are very strict.
  • At the first no answer to an offer you will be deprioritized from group B to D. Afterwards, you cannot regain the right to group B.
C.  Applicants applying for everything with ”Absolute assurance for accommodation"(AAA) - valid from fall start 2024
  • The group is active from the 1st of June 2024 and opens again on the 1st of August 2024.
  • Applicants who at the latest on 8th of August 2024 are applying for all accommodation in Odense with a maximum rent on at least DKK 2800 exclusive utilities.
  • There must be a tick by “Search all” at the bottom under “My account” on your application.
  • You do not live in Odense Kommune (municipality)
  • You are starting a new education in the fall semester 2024, and at the latest the 30th of November 2024.
  • The desired “move-in date” must be on the 15th of August 2024 or earlier - this does not mean we will offer you an accommodation with this sepcific moving-in date. It just means that we will only send you offers that has a moving-in date no earlier than the specific date. The earlier you ser this date, the better.
  • The “want offers from” date must be on the 8th of August 2024 or earlier - this does not mean that we will send you offers for an accommodation on this specific date. It just means that we cannot send you offers before we have passed this date. 
  • You must not have said no to an offer, failed to respond to an offer or refused a lease. After the first no, you will be deprioritized to group D. 
  • You can, at a maximum, have 2 active offers where the deadline has not yet expired.
  • Please read more about the special rules for offers and the Absolute Assurance for Accommodation here.
Important about group C: 
  • We often hear that applicants turn down an offer in group C because they hope to get another offer with an earlier moving-in date. But you should note that the moving-in date of the offers that you receive will be extended the longer time it takes before you receive offers. This is because the accommodations are usually terminated three months in advance, and we send out offers on the accommodation right after. 

D.    Applicants applying for specific accommodation
  • Applicants applying for specific accommodation.
  • Applicants who do not fall into any of the above mentioned groups.
We cannot move you to higher up on the waiting list even though you believe you have more of a need for accommodation than others. The only exception is if you can document that you fall under category B.