1 room apartment,
Dalumgårds Alle, 5250, DK
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Number of5
Net area49m2
Facilities, shared
Facilities, own
PetsPets not allowed
Rent pr. month (Dkr.)3.681,00 kr
TV0,00 kr
Deposit / Downpayment / Prepayment10.488,00 kr
Electricity0,00 kr
Water0,00 kr
Heating230,00 kr
Internet0,00 kr
Other0,00 kr

Afdelings info:

A special arrangement of student residences in the old main building to Dalum Farm. The location is a little remote for urban life in Odense, but there is however a clear view, light and air. Atractive for "green" students. Short distance to the district Dalum and hereby roads against Odense and motorway network.
Pictures and floorplan
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