1 room apartment,
Elmelundsvej, 5200, DK
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Number of19
Net area24m2
Facilities, shared
Facilities, own
PetsPets allowed, 2 dogs or 2 cats, maximum 2 in all
Rent pr. month (Dkr.)2.482,00 kr
TV0,00 kr
Deposit / Downpayment / Prepayment7.446,00 kr
Electricity0,00 kr
Water0,00 kr
Heating320,00 kr
Internet53,00 kr
Other66,00 kr

Afdelings info:

640 tenants living in 1-, 2- or 3- room apartments.
  • Shared 2 room apartments, with shared kitchen and bath.
  • Network with internet connection, fibre-optic broadband
  • Shared laundry facilities in the common house
  • Antenna/TV with YouSee full package
  • Water and electricity is included in the rent
  • Apartments from 24 to 59 m2
  • Special apartments for music students
  • International/exchange students
  • International environment
  • The dormitory is placed in a scenic landscape west of the Odense centre and right next to the Tietgen School.
There are many facilities such as; sauna, an exercise room, rooms to use for social gatherings and a big cozy dormitory bar. In the bar it is possible to meet the other tenants, read the newspaper, play a wide range of games and buy some light refreshments. The dormitory is well suited for families, as there is both a playground and a lot of green spaces boarding the dormitory. A public primary school and a public swimming pool are placed less than 300 meters from the dormitory.

Please note that the floor plans for the shared apartments are for 2 leases (1 lease for each room), with shared kitchen and bathroom. It is not possible to be informed in advance which of the rooms you will get.
Pictures and floorplan