Below are the requirements to your application and the answering of accommodation offers.

Who can apply for accommodation?
All current and future study active individuals above the age of 15 may apply for accommodation.

When can I apply from?
You can make an application up to 1 year before you expect to start an education.

When can I at the earliest move in?
You are allowed to move in up to 3 months before you expect to begin your education.

Am I allowed to have more than 1 application?
No. Every individual is only allowed to have 1 application.

Am I allowed to answer No to an offer for accommodation?
Yes, you are allowed to say no to 6 offers before your application is deactivated. If you application has been deactivated you need to reactivate, you will however start anew on the waiting list. The offers you have received are of course still valid until the deadline expires.

Am I allowed to say no to an offer if I am applying with absolute assurance for accommodation?
If you say no to an offer while applying with the absolute assurance for accommodation you will lose the right to be referred to the Municipality later for a temporary lease.

Will it change my placement on the waiting list if I say no to an offer for accommodation?
It will depend on which group your application is placed in on the waiting list. See a description of the groups here.

Must all offers be answered?
Yes. All offers must be answered with either a Yes or No on this web page. If you do not answer every offer your application for accomodation will be deactivated.

Is it possible to change the deadline for answering the offer?
No. The deadline can unfortunately not be postponed regardless of your reasons, as we are obligated to rent out the accommodation as quickly as possible.

I have changed my mind regarding a Yes answer to an accommodation?
If you have said Yes and received a contract your application has been deactivated and you will have reactivate your application. Note that the seniority date for the application will be the date where you have reactivated the application. We cannot change this to an earlier date.