You must reapply at least every 30 days to maintain an active application at This is to ensure that we only have active applicants which then ensures a shorter waiting list. 

How does it work?
To reapply you simply has to log on and then your application is active for another 30 days from the date you have logged on. Which means that if you for example log on June 15 2016 you must log on again at the latest July 15 2016. If you do it, later than this, your application will be deactivated and you will start from anew on the waiting list after a reactivation.

I do not need my application anymore
If you do not need your application anymore, you do not have to do anything, as the application will automatically deactivate if you do not log on within a month of your last log on. Alternatively, you can close your account yourself by clicking “Close account” through “My account”.

I forgot to log on – can I get my seniority back?
No. It is the applicant’s own responsibility to log on with no more than a month between the two log ons and if the applicant does not do this, the application will be deactivated. It is under no circumstances possible to get your old seniority back after a deactivation.