Congratulations on your acceptance – What about accommodation?

Congratulations to the new students! Here’s a little info on the application process for accommodation.
When you make an application on Studiebolig Odense, you will receive a mail with your group status. Under ‘Information’ you will find additional information about how we prioritise our applicants – it’s important to read this carefully! We recommend that new students search for all accommodation and adjust your application to group C, as you, in that way, will get accommodation offers quicker. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to inform you about the wait, but we expect that all group C applicants will get offers during August to October. For you, who already have an application; you will receive a mail on August 1 2020 about your group status. 
Should you be in that situation that you are in group C, but have not yet received an offer on accommodation from September 1 2020, Odense Kommune offers an absolute insurance for accommodation (AAA), which means that you can be offered temporary accommodation until you get an offer on something more permanent. You can read more about this under ‘Information’.
Specific applications can expect a wait on 3-12 months as a minimum depending on what is being applied for.